Pierced Hand

So far....

I have been to Romania in 2000.  Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of this wonderful trip that changed my life.  My first mission trip where we converted a home into a church.  Lots of construction in a little time, but so worth it!  We also visited Dracula's castle.  What a trip!

In 2002 and 2003 I went to Brazil.  The first trip was to work on an orphanage, which was terrific!  The second trip was to construct a church from the foundation up (they already had the foundation poured).  What a week!  It flew by and the Lord packed the small church with people standing at the windows to hear His Word!

In 2009 my wife and I went to South Africa to be at the SACRP dedication.  What a treat to be a part of such a mission.  These missionaries have given their lives to starting this orphanage for AIDS affected children.

I will be posting pics soon of the Brazil trips and the South Africa trip.