About Me

I'm a husband and father to 3 beautiful miracles. Since I was young I've always enjoyed designing whether homes, castles, by hand, by computer or even with Legos. This desire for creating has allowed me to design and work on some amazing structures. I started early in the AEC field by starting as a GIS/CAD designer in Murfreesboro, TN while I was in college. This opportunity afforded me the ability to remain in the AEC field going into home design and after graduation working on high-end estate home design. My first official full-time career project was a custom home of 28,000 square feet. After about 3 and a half years I moved into Commercial architecture working for Ronald Scalisi, Architect. I not only found an amazing architect, but a mentor and dear friend. Even now that he has retired we still get together as though we are family. I am truly blessed to have a mentor to provide such valuable architectural training.

  • Age Go ahead and guess
  • Residence FL, USA
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Some Abilities


Whether it is meeting with new clients, providing proposals/contracts, conceptual phase through construction administration I have had experience in all areas of the architectural process.

Web Design

During my stint working in the high-end residential field - websites began to gain traction and I taught myself HTML and started providing web design on the side. Gotta have a side-hustle.


Since high school I've been intrigued by computers. During high school my father bought me my first PC a 286 SX (and for those of you who know AutoCAD required DX - so we bought a math-coprocessor). Now I build my own computers.


In my free time (what little there is HA!) I like to work with electricity. No curly hair yet. I have wired a light fixture or two and some building electrical (with electrician supervision of course).


Fun Facts

Projects Completed

over 250

Working Hours

over 52,000

Years of Experience

over 25



Liberty University

Master of Arts

Received working full-time.

Middle Tennessee State University

Bachelor of Science

Professional core in Business and Art.


2020 - Current
Level Architecture + Interiors

Sr. Project Manager

  • Responsible for QA/QC development (including: file structure setup, template recreation, drafting standards)
  • Immediately placed in field for CA to resolve problematic project to aide in completion and better communication
  • Involved with other colleagues to improve their documentation and provide teachable examples from markups
  • Manage personal projects from Proposal to CA phase
  • 2019 - 2019
    Clay County Board of County Commissioners

    Plans Examiner

  • Required to apply through State and pass the Plans Examiner test - received licensure as Plans Examiner during first quarter
  • Reviewed all plans that came into Clay County (including: all Residential and Commercial plans)
  • Assisted in implementing a better system for reviewing and for the Inspectors
  • Managed all creation of new permit forms and layout of Building Dept. website Section with the site Moderator
  • 2018 - 2004
    Ronald Scalisi Architects, P.A.

    Sr. Project Manager

  • Prepared designs from Conceptual Plans to full Construction Documents and 3D models
  • Conducted monthly production and operation meetings on site(s), which facilitated stronger communication and problem solving
  • Managed and led a multi-disciplinary team throughout documentation and CA phases
  • Created new and innovative approaches to problems and executed to save time and money in firm
  • 2001 - 2004
    Residential Designs by Kevin Gray

    Architectural Designer

  • Designed multi-million dollar estate homes up to 28,000 square feet
  • Built rapport with highly esteemed clientele and collaborated with other professionals
  • Facilitated company policies, technical procedures, and standards for documents, reports, and security
  • Installed and maintained Windows Server 2003 for entire company of 25 employees and provided technical support
  • 2000 - 2001
    Murfreesboro Electric Department

    Electrical Engineer Assistant

  • Organized database for power distribution throughout engineering deparment
  • Provided support in operations through internet capable electrical distribution and controls
  • Assisted in layout of electrical dispersal in subdivisions
  • Updated mapping circulation for entire city on consistent basis
  • Design Genealogy

    Why is this important? Architecture is a profession of passing down discipline, technique, and design itself

    I worked for Ronald L. Scalisi [pictured below](1953) Graduate of University of Southwestern Louisiana

    Ronald L. Scalisi worked for William N. Morgan, Sr. [pictured below](1930-2016) GSD Graduate of Harvard University

    William N. Morgan, Sr. worked for Paul M. Rudolph [pictured below](1918-1997) GSD Graduate of Harvard University

    Paul M. Rudolph directly studied under Walter Gropius [pictured below](1883-1969) the Founder of Bauhaus School

    Design Software

    AutoCAD version R9 to Autocad 2021 including Autocad Architecture


    Microstation (Intergraph/Bentley) Unix and Windows versions


    Autodesk Revit 2019, 2020, and 2021


    Adobe Photoshop and GIMP


    Other Software

    BIM 360








    MS Office Suite


    Cloud (Dropbox, Sync, Google Drive, MS Onedrive)


    Communication (Slack, Google Meet, MS Teams, Zoom)



    • Design Development
    • Critical Thinking
    • Attention to Detail
    • Technical Specifications
    • Time Management
    • Communication
    • Problem-Solving
    • Relationship Building
    • Flexibility


    NCARB Record Number

    Record Number: 831590

    Plans Examiner

    License Number: PX4359


    St. Paul's Catholic Church

    Island Walk IV Retail Center and The Fresh Market

    Island Walk IV Retail Center

    Bishop Kenny High School Art Gallery

    Bishop Kenny High School Art Gallery

    Autobasics Car Dealership (Tillman Auto)

    Autobasics Car Dealership (Tillman Auto)

    Davidson Companies Headquarters at World Golf Village

    Davidson Companies Headquarters at WGV

    Coastal Veterinarian Hospital Doggie Daycare

    Coastal Veterinary Doggie Daycare

    1st Coast Cargo Headquarters

    1st Coast Cargo Headquarters

    St. Patrick's Catholic Church and School and Master planning

    St. Patrick's Catholic Church

    St. Patrick's Catholic Church and School and Master planning and Science Lab

    St. Patrick's Catholic School

    Enterprise Integration Headquarters (Network Operation Center [NOC])

    Enterprise Integration Headquarters (Network Operation Center [NOC])

    GTMO Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Bldgs 1, 692, 752, 1679, &<amp> 2148)

    GTMO Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Bldgs 1, 692, 752, 1679, & 2148)

    Fisherman's Dock in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - Beacon Fisheries

    Fisherman's Dock in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


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